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SMS Marketing Agency

SMS Marketing Agency

With SMS marketing, you can drive sales, deliver updates to customers, ask for reviews, and grow your business without a huge budget. Text messages allow your message to reach even non-smartphones giving you more readability. Due to its speed and accessibility, text message marketing is used by many companies. SMS marketing is useful to share information and bring a better experience to your customer.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

Due to the constant presence of mobile phones in our lives, SMS marketing is very effective. Being easy to set up at affordable budgets, the SMS marketing platform brings high reachability. 98% of text messages are opened by customers, making SMS services a reliable marketing tool. To reach a mass audience SMS marketing is much cheaper compared to other marketing mediums.

Types of SMS Marketing

Transitional Route

This route is used by businesses to acknowledge transactions or purchases, and reminders and can be sent at any time. By including links to your website for tracking, you allow customers to browse through your website and increase a chance to increase revenue.

Promotional Route

These are mainly for marketing and sales purposes with the exclusive consent of the customers. There are time constraints and cannot be sent in bulk to prospects. Promotional route helps drive revenue through their marketing campaigns.

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