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Short-form video content has taken the world by storm. Such videos are created for users that prefer to consume bite-sized pieces of content. Short-form videos are for individuals and businesses that want to engage with their audience with such preference. The rise and growing popularity of Tik Tok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels prove companies are benefiting from promoting their content. Gain from IA&M’s expertise in the creation of short video content targeting multiple platforms across the Middle East and beyond. Meet our creative team to discuss what best suits your audience best among user-generated content, and explainer/educational videos.

YouTube Shorts

Like other short video content, YouTube shorts give your viewers an easy way to understand one topic or a compilation of events through animations. With YouTube shorts, you can be filmed directly within the YouTube app and automatically add captions.

With the recent announcement of monetization, it’s a great time to start creating content for YouTube Shorts. Our team at IA&M will guide you through the entire process. Using the right thumbnail, ratio and clarity in content, we help deliver your desired intended message. 

Instagram Reels

With changing interests of people and limits on the length of Reels, your company needs guidance from the experts at IA&M to create the apt content for this platform. Instagram Reels offer a chance to share your message in creative content and a highly engaging and trendy format.

Reels can take help in business promotion and product marketing. For businesses, another engaging way to use Instagram Reels is to share helpful tips about general or specific solutions your target audience is looking for. With better shareability, you can go viral by following the best practices and assistance from our Instagram reel experts.


Marketers are using TikTok to connect with their audience. By using organic and paid campaigns, your business visibility can reach millions almost overnight. IA&M monitors your profile and content’s effectiveness, collects your audience’s demographics and suggests optimization of your profile and content strategy.

TikTok is used by users in 150+ countries. With viral videos you can make your product and brand name reach internationally to several billion active users. TikTok can be used as a marketing channel and has different ad formats including in-feed ads to serve your specific audience.

Todays Trend on Shots/Reels/TikTok

Trends catch up quickly on YouTube shorts, Reels and TikTok. Knowing the topics that are going viral requires quick content generation to take advantage of the trend wave. IA&M works with influencers and has a creative team that can produce engaging content.

By creating content that aligns with popular trends on these platforms, you can potentially reach a larger audience and increase their brand awareness. Keeping up with trends can help you stay relevant and avoid being seen as out of touch with their audience. It’s also important to strike a balance and not get too caught up in trying to follow every trend, as this can detract from a business’s authenticity and authenticity.

It can get overwhelming to choose topics and content that your audience may be interested in but our team consists of experts in assisting your company in the same. Speak to our team to deliver video content and increase the likelihood of your audience following and trusting your business.