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Social Media Account Management

Social Media Account Management


IA&M simplifies brand and content management across your social media accounts. We are experts who are up-to-date in social media handling and offer several social media management packages. When we manage your social accounts, we plan and schedule all posts based on the pre-planned social media calendar or your marketing strategy.

We specialize in Facebook business manager accounts, Instagram account management, and LinkedIn and TikTok accounts. Every social media platform is designed for a specific type of content. We help companies manage their content and grow their businesses by monitoring online conversations and collaborating with industry influencers.

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How is today’s social media impacting the world?

Being active on all multiple social media accounts is not just a suggestion but more than necessary. To start, each of your audience has a preference for the platform they choose. Thus it’s vital to promote your brand on those platforms to reach your customer. We use tools like social media scheduler and analyze the best time for posting to get the maximum reach. IA&M is a one-stop solution for your social media account management. More than a billion active users, social media is a platform not to be missed by you.

How today’s Social media impacting the world?

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