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AR / VR Technology

AR / VR Technology


Virtual Reality is a visual experience you can create for your prospects consisting of attractive sights and sounds. IA&M’s VR marketing gives your customers a preview of what to expect before an event or experience. VR is an innovative tool to help users explore new launches or promote campaigns. VR marketing is a useful technique to aid users to make faster decisions towards your product or service.

Managing influencers is an important part of influencer marketing. At IA&M, we handle the A to Z of influencer management. From the right influencers to negotiating and agreeing on terms, conditions, and contracts, we do it all. Based on your budget, goals and timelines and after identifying your audience demographics, and engagement levels, we connect you to the most appropriate influencer using the best platform to find influencers.

Augment your reality

With VR, you bring your content to life with compelling experiences that help boost sales. It works great for a product or event launch for a future date. A 360-degree virtual walkthrough is your ultimate marketing tool. IA&M studies the market trends and will help you create an immersive experience that brings maximum impact and action from your customers.

Future for tomorrow starts today with Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the future-ready tools in marketing that companies have used to their advantage. IA&M has an array of services to showcase to your customer for experiencing a product or service. Make use of our expertise in various industries to make them take action faster. With our AR solutions, you can make your store reach your customer. Allow your customers to explore the retail world by creating a similar experience in the virtual world.

Augment your reality

AR gives plenty of choices to a customer with regard to color, design and others. An immersive experience with AR encourages impulse buys as well. For business, it helps to get immediate feedback from the customer leading to design, strategy and offerings based on the response received. This allows companies to save time and bring the expected or upgraded service back to the market faster.

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