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Humans are known to make errors. But at events small errors can turn a streamlined event on its head. Robotics from IA&M are now assisting in various tasks at the events. From contactless checking to taking surveys or feedback, robots bring efficiency and handle data collection with ease.

Combined with Artificial Intelligence, robots are enhancing the visitor experience and are encouraged to spend more time at the event. In the unlikely event of a process being overwhelmed with the workload, robots can partly take over.

Real time experience with robotics in any event and exhibition

By providing a unique experience to your customer, you can increase footfalls and keep the customer engaged for longer periods. IA&M provides robots on a rental basis and assists you in the guidance for a smooth transition.

Deploy robots that have served in domestic and international events to heighten your visitors’ event experience. We’ve worked with the continent’s best events to know enough about robotics. Get maximum and quicker ROI for your robot rentals. You can also include robots that specialize in taking pictures at the event. Stationed or moving robots can play product videos, display e-brochures and much more to turn fans to customers.

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