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PPC Ad Campaigning

PPC Ad Campaigning

Pay Per Click ads or PPC requires careful studying of your goals, and budget and optimizing your ad to get your prospects to click on a SERP and any social media platform.

IA&M specializes in setting up and monitoring PPC ads across platforms. Whether it is converting a click to a lead or driving traffic to your website, IA&M’s expertise lies in meeting your PPC business goals.

Facebook PPC Campaign

Running ads on Facebook reaching several targeted people according to set demographics. Build awareness, share updates and bring new audiences to your brand. IA&M has deep knowledge about Facebook advertising to increase your customer attribution.

Instagram PPC campaign

Capture your intended audiences with specific ads on Instagram. Running Instagram ads brings brand exposure and helps reach the prospects you’re looking for with ultra-focused messaging.

Instagram PPC campaign you only pay for ads that get clicked. With IA&M’s expertise, you are assured of getting a faster ROI.

LinkedIn PPC Campaign

LinkedIn is by far the largest professional social network. With LinkedIn, you only pay for the ads that either clicked or get an impression. Pick a professional audience while setting your own budget. When you work with IA&M, we help you create the pathway to generate quality leads.

Why Social Media ADS

Running ads on social media is the fastest way to generate leads that are highly targeted to your business needs. Our team comprises experts to guide you to fine-tune your search for the best possible ROI. Social media ads help you get your brand name out there to a live mass audience, driving your bottom line and scaling your business.

SM ads target prospects based on their interests, traits, and other demographic data. IA&M has extensive experience in social media ads. Get on a call with us to discuss how we can help you get leads through social media that convert.