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WhatsApp Marketing and Advertising Agency

WhatsApp Marketing and Advertising Agency

The popular mobile chat application WhatsApp is a must-have for businesses aiming to reach closer to their customers. IA&M helps you design a WhatsApp marketing strategy so your offers, promotions and other company information reach your prospects fastest. If used correctly, WhatsApp marketing increases your conversions with highly targeted messaging.

Benefits of WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp provides businesses with several attractive opportunities for personalization. IIA&M uses customer-provided data with the latest WhatsApp marketing tools to send customers welcome messages and special offers. To better engage your customer, take advantage of our experience in personalised WhatsApp marketing.

Types of SMS Marketing

Transitional Route

Choosing the right channel for the apt first impression of your brand is vital for building a long-term relationship. In our experience, we've learned that prompt acknowledgments and responses from companies, help to forge a strong bond with customers.

Promotional Route

To drive revenue and loyalty, customers require personalized engagement and ease of reaching their companies. Simple CTAs and strategic marketing campaigns are effective when you know what your customers truly want. Trust IA&M's specialized WhatApp marketing expertise to drive sales and revenue consistently.

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