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Joinery and Fitouts for Events

Joinery and Fitouts for Events


Fitouts help make commercial spaces usable for business activities. With the best of joiners, we make the interior space ready for business occupation. IA&M provides you with the best retail fit-out services in Dubai that aid in better planning your space utilization. We undertake end-to-end fit-outs from the installation of the floors, ceilings, and partitions, to furnishings. Our experience with joinery and fit-outs helps you keep your spending within your budgets and meet the agreed timelines as well.

Fitout contracting

IA&M works relentlessly to bring creative and cost-effective solutions for every commercial need, no matter the industry or occasion. By using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, we create interiors that wow your customers. We have the capability to work on large projects and complex designs and execute them with ease.

Design and build-Brand guidelines

In our experience of fit-outs, at times, several specifications can may things confusing when it comes to following the progress. But at IA&M, our SOPs, design, and brand guidelines ensure the scope, project milestones and timelines are well documented. This makes it easier for you to know how we work and that you’re aware of IA&M’s commitment. In the Middle East especially we’ve worked on a range of projects, varying in size and specifications, and have ensured the delivery of projects has always been per the agreed timelines.


Commercial retail spaces require the construction of many structures using a mix of metal, laminates, wood, and other solid surface materials. IA&M takes pride in delivering world-class fabrications in demanding spaces and requirements, all of them within the stipulated deadlines. Backed by our experienced personnel and management teams, you’re always assured of our professional commitment. We’ve designed and completed fabrications of varying degrees, so no retail space and occasion are too complex for our teams.

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