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Exhibition Stand Building

Exhibition Stand Building


Exhibitions are a great way to display your work and engage in some networking. Here a stand can make or break the chance to capture some great business opportunities. A stand must represent your brand colors, theme and be inviting enough to draw visitors and prospects in.

We know it’s a daunting task to choose the lighting, seating, and furniture. This is where we, IA&M come in for your help. We’ve constructed attractive exhibition stands at various events and can bring the same experience to your event. From construction to fabricating, we’ve solutions for your end-to-end needs.

Custom made exhibition stand

We’ve constructed and seen many exhibitions stands at several events for many years for our notable clientele. We can offer you any of the ones we have seen and yet are open to more. Talk to us if you have a custom design in mind and we can replicate that in real at the event.

We consider factors like space management, booth segregation and seating along with furniture set up for every stall or exhibition stand. IA&M works with the best quality material to always deliver superior results. With your custom-made stand, you can differentiate among the exhibitors at the event.

Kiosks and Displays according to Brand Theme

Offer better customer experience with kiosks and various displays. Kiosks designed to represent your identity as a company and ethics reflect well on your prospects and visitors. Style your kiosks using signages and other displays to target your potential customers.

IA&M is at your service whether you are looking to include targeted advertising, information, or increase footfalls, branded kiosks give you a distinct stature at the event. Our strategically-placed kiosks lead to an upsurge in revenues because of our experience in this domain. With visual highlights of your best-selling stuff, you can guide the prospect to spend more time at the kiosk or store.

Event Stage / Podium

An attractive event is a combination of a well-planned layout and smart execution of the design and props. To start, you need the right elevation and being able to be visible to all audiences. Depending on how your guests are to move across the stage you can set up the entries for the front or the sides. Setting the podium at an ideal height prevents speakers from being distracted.

It can be overwhelming if you’re planning to set a podium at a first-time event as this involves the right placement and lighting. Our team at IA&M knows how to construct and install podiums and stages all too well. Our prior experience has enabled us to bring the highest quality podiums to local and international events.

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