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Events Props & Decor

Events Props & Decor


Props in retail are any item or a group of items that is part of influencing a sale. Strategically placed items do more than just attract a customer. Props can be visual cues for converting a customer. When you employ IA&M’s services for your event decor, you benefit from the best minds in event design.

Our team analyzes your event commercial space and merchandising to place props at visually prominent places. Floral decor, fairy lights, boxes, sculptures, and artwork are just some of the props we use in event decor. Our design and decor experts have conducted several local and international events to be able to replicate the success of your event.

Perfect Props & Decor as a theme

If you have a specific need or prop, we’re available for sourcing and blending with your event theme and styling. When our props are as per your theme, you create an inviting environment for your customers. A welcoming ambiance does its job to pull in prospects to your various display sections.

Work with our team to benefit from various prop display techniques including contrasting, adding empty space, pyramid display etc. Again, our experts help you meet your overall goal from the event’s decor. We’re flexible to include your ideas along with our experience for your maximum gain.

Furniture Rental

Match your event’s theme with the apt furniture with IA&M’s furniture on hire. Don’t be satisfied with any seating, table, and storage when we can provide you with the best furniture. Some of the most rental furniture at events are Sofas, Chairs, Bar stools, Tables, and Pamphlet Stands.

Share your concept with us for the event or better allow us to plan your furniture layout that suits your goals and theme. We provide top-rated service along with quality furniture at attractive rental rates. Make the right impression on your visitors with furniture that compliments them. Make your events stress-free with rental furniture from IA&M that highlights your setup.

Props in house making as per company's branding

We understand colors, spaces, and everything in between. Trust us with your event’s props and you’ll be assured of the best experience for your visitors. Tell your brand story with our in-house props and according to the brand theme or colors decided. We create a strategy that integrates your one message or tagline across the event floor.

Props, when used well, highlight your event venue, giving it the right fit for the occasion. A themed event can contribute towards creating a memorable experience for your visitors. You could take the typical approach where the themed environment is decorated by props, giving the event space that falls in line with the company’s overall brand or business objectives.

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