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Giveways for Events

Giveways for Events


Whether is a goodie bag or merchandise of your company, it must be branded and bring a recall to your company or brand name. Corporate giveaways are promotional items that businesses give away to their customers, prospects, or visitors at the event. These giveaways are usually branded with the company’s logo and are meant to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Your corporate gifts must provide value to your prospects so they can recall your brand. Momentous events, employee appreciation, and client presents are incredible opportunities for personalized, promotional corporate giveaways to elevate your brand.

Corporate Giveaways

To celebrate a milestone or achievement, giveaways with your company’s logo and branding colors are the apt gift. IA&M provides you with to choose from several giveaways that have received appreciation in the past. If none of them inspires you, our team can help you get a customized one.

You want your giveaway to be unique and yet want to stay within the budget too. Speak to our team about how much you’d like to spend on the corporate giveaways and understand a solution that’s right for you. If you’re looking for environment-friendly giveaways, you can win the admiration of a like-minded audience.

Brochures & Flyers for Event

With plenty of stalls making their stands unique, it may be difficult for visitors to remember your company name or offerings. For this reason, flyers and brochures are handed to visiting customers for their future reading or reference. Brochures and flyers are printed materials that provide information about your company and its services or products.

Like other materials at the event, if not unique, yours too can be lost among others without creating any impact. Plan your brochure and flyer design with our creative team to include the best of your service or products.

Branding in giveaways – more than 1000 items for gifting

While providing an uplifting experience to your visitors at the event, corporate gifting must incorporate all elements of your company branding. If you’re planning bulk giveaways, you can consult our team to understand your options.

It’s also an excellent way to build relationships and foster goodwill between you and the visitors for a brief or longer meeting. A thoughtful giveaway makes your prospects recall your company whenever they see the giveaway. Choose an item or two that would be visible or come in handy. Following up post the event can help recall the earlier conversation you or your team had with them.

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