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Experimental Marketing

Experimental Marketing


Considered a more dynamic and direct marketing, experiential marketing engages a customer by encouraging them to participate in a brand experience. IA&M provides the services of experiential marketing to businesses of all sizes. We help you design stories and campaigns that hit the right chords of your customer.

With IA&M’s experiential marketing, connect with your customers in an organic and relatable way. Gain thorough consumer insights through physical customer interaction. Immersive, live, and memorable campaigns deliver your message without distractions. To deliver the right experiential marketing, involve your customers in multiple live and one-on-one interactions.

Experiential marketing with interactive technology experience

Capturing the interest of today’s audience in technology, you can use the wholesome experience to turn their interest into your company’s loyalty. We at IA&M help you understand your target audience’s interest in the current trends and devise a strategy use technology like Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, robots, touch screens, interactive photo experiences and 3D Printing.

By embedding these technologies in your marketing mix, you can generate prospects’ interest towards your brand. Bringing a brand experience via experiential marketing and technology is more cost-effective as customers show better responses to interactions and instantly.

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